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This family Web site is for anyone, regardless of surname, whose lineage goes back to any of the following branches of our Sanders family tree:

***Descendants of Lewis Sanders who died in Fairfax County, Virginia, about 1761. According to tradition, Lewis was a schoolteacher and a Scottish immigrant. His children are believed to have been Lewis (died 1793), who married Rosamin; Daniel (died 1764), who married Ruth Nelson; and Francis (died about 1760), who married Sarah.

***Descendants of four Sanders brothers who appeared in Anson County, North Carolina, in the 1770s: William Aaron Saunders (about 1735-1782), who married Joan Bailey; Isaac Saunders (about 1737-about 1825), whose wife is unknown; the Reverend Moses Sanders (1742-1817), who married Mary Hamilton; and Francis Sanders (about 1755-about1820), who married Frances Rucker. These four brothers may have been children of Francis Sanders of Fairfax County, Virginia, and grandchildren of Lewis, the Scottish immigrant.

***Descendants of any Sanders man who has a proven DNA connection to either of the preceding groups. For further information on DNA testing as a genealogical tool, see our companion Web site:

If you qualify for membership, the Saunders/Saunders and Associated Families Web site welcomes your participation in our discussions, research, and sharing of family traditions. We encourage our members to become acquainted with their many cousins to promote the goal of constructing a documented history of our Sanders family which has resided in America for over three hundred years, providing many contributions to civic, commercial, and professional life. Eventually, we hope to have a documentary connection to our cousins in the original Sanders home of northern England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. We hope you will help us toward this goal and begin your membership request by clicking on the RED "Request to join this group" button in the upper right section of the page. Please DO NOT ask to join just because you are related to the Sanders name, you MUST be blood related to this group.