Read Graduate Succeed: A Governor's AmeriCorps Inititative - Read Today STAR Tutoring

Utah AmeriCorps Literacy Initiative
1950 Monroe Ogden, UT 84401
Gloria Skanchy, Program Director 801-737-7403

AmeriCorps is a national organization modeled after the Peace Corps. It is funded through the National Corporation for Community Service and the Utah State Commission on Volunteers.
Members volunteer their time in the schools in Utah and are paid a monthly living allowance ($1500 full time, $750 part time) over 10 months. This is the same amount every month and does not depend on the number of hours worked. Within the calendar year, full time members volunteer 1700 hours and part time members 900. At the end of each service year members are given a $4700.00 ($2300 part time) educational award to use toward payment of student loans, school tuition, fees and or books. Health Insurance for full time members is available through the grant as is forbearance of payments on current students loans and qualified child care expenses reimbursed to providers.

Member responsibilities:
Recruit a minimum of 30 volunteers to act as tutors
Complete hours under the direction of the school principal
Organize 2 parent literacy nights
Complete an emergency prepardness project as identified by the school
Complete individual service project hours within the community
Attend school meetings, trainings and functions as directed by the principal

Program Options:
Members may spend their time on any one of these literacy programs or a combination of any of them
Individual adult tutoring program – STAR
Small group tutoring programs - SOAR to Success, ERI, RFA (other programs can be approved by Program Director)
Mentor Tutoring – Class to class delivery system…cross age tutoring program used last few years from the USOE