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The Litton, Brichter, Beene & Clutter Family
Surname or Group: Litton, Beene, Brichter, Sharon & Jobey
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Site Administrator(s):  Sharon Beene-Robin Dodson-Betty Kilgore-Sharon Brichter-Patty Darnell-Amy Garrard-Les Litton-Betsy Brichter-Canie Burns Litton-BJ Leiderman Leiderman-Stephanie Jones-Noah Litton-Jeff Litton-Krista Willits-Ann Litton-Lester Litton-Kevin Beene-Nancy Scism-Dave Elkins-Kathy Arnold-John Elkins-Diron Elkins-Brandy Beene-Henry-John Elkins-Jimmy Elkins-Ron Elkins-Roger Elkins-Brenda Howard-Norma L. Johnston-Jean Adams-Frieda Patrick Davison-Jim Durham-Liz Gillie-Linda McCune Litton
Site Description: This site is dedicated to our three daughters; Whitney, Olivia and Jessica. It is a collection of family data that has been gathered through various relatives, and others I have met over the Internet doing family research. I started out looking for information about the Clutter Family and a possible link to an American Indian heritage. After many years of searching - I found no Indian, however, quickly found that the Litton information was more abundent. I wish the Rasnick side of my family were that easy! I hope this site will be appreciated by those who care and don't care about our family history - right now my daughters are in the "don't care" category - but they will reach my age one day and wonder as I do now. Maybe this site will be helpful to them. Brichter or "Bricha" information is also appreciated from Austria. A special thank you to all the family members who have added so much to this site and visit it on a regular basis. The older the girls get, again, I find that I have less time to do the things I enjoy as a hobby - an doing more of the things they enjoy! Enjoy, Sharon & Jobey - Whitney Blaire, Olivia Anne & Jessica Kay ( Bailey, Berkley, Sasha, Roxy, Angel, Q, Sky-Lili & Bronc)

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